What are Inventory Adjustments for?

An Inventory Adjustment is used to adjust the 'In Inventory' quantity of a product(s), without having to receive a purchase order. You can use Inventory Adjustments to fix any stock-take errors or to account for missing/broken/expired/written-off stock.

How to carry out an Inventory Adjustment:

1. Navigate to the Financial Tab

2. Select ‘Inventory Adjustment’

3. Select a Date

4. Add each item on a new line

5. Enter the change as a negative or positive number in the 'QTY' field or change the 'In Inventory' field to reflect your correct stock on hand.

6. Add a Comment (Reason for Stock Adjustment)

7. Approve and Save

Handy Tips

- Use the filters above the search field on the left ('U/A', "A", "All"),  to view only approved or only unapproved stock adjustments.

- Click the pencil icon on the Left-hand side of the table to hide/show columns.