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How does the integration work?

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ezyVet Pre-Requisite Configurations Required

1. Please ensure your Clinical Record Record Properties has the Appointment Field as non-compulsory.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Record Properties
  2. Search and select 'Properties: Clinical Record'
  3. Ensure the Appointment field does not have the Compulsory checked

How to connect the integration

1. Ensure you have signed up for TeleVet. If you do not have a TeleVet account, please sign up on this link: and the TeleVet Sales team will reach out. Please ensure this is done before proceeding further.

2. Log into ezyVet

3. Navigate to Admin > Integration > Integrations 

4. From the 'Integration' drop down (of the New Integration Settings tab) choose 'API Partner'

5. From the 'Partner' drop down under the API Partner Settings choose 'TeleVet'

6. Under Scopes, click Select All to enable all available scopes. (IMPORTANT: Please ensure all the scopes are enabled)

7. Hit Save.

8. Click Download Credentials to download the .txt file containing the Client ID and Client Secret

9. Once you have signed up to TeleVet, email the .txt file containing the client credentials to

10. The TeleVet Customer Success Management team will then get connected with you to get started.

11. For additional support and questions, please contact and refer to this article for the full understanding of the workflow 

How to disconnect the integration

The integration can be removed by logging into ezyVet, selecting Integrations under Admin, selecting API Partner(TeleVet) and clicking "Disable".