The Midwest Veterinary Supplier integration is a Standard Product Supplier Integration available to practices in the US. The integration enables clinics to:
  • Create purchase orders from ezyVet and send to Midwest Vet
  • Receive supplier invoices
  • Receive automatic price updates

Creating a purchase order

1. Go to the FINANCIAL tab and select Purchase Orders from the menu bar on the left. (Note: for ezyVet to change the screenshot)

2. Add Midwest Vet under the Supplier field.

3. If applicable, add the Department the Purchase Order is for, under the For field. (Only applicable to departmentalized sites)

4. Start adding your products to the Purchase Order.

If you can't find the product you are looking for, it may be because of the following:

i. Midwest Vet is not linked to the product as a supplier. To link Midwest Vet to the product, find the product in your products list, go to the Ordering tab, and create a new supplier record for Midwest Vet.
ii. The product is not in your products list. To add the product to your list, go to the new product page and click LOOKUP PRODUCT next to the SAVE button. Select Midwest Vet as the supplier and search their product catalog. 
iii. If your site is departmentalized, the product may not be configured for the department you are in. Go to the product in your products list and make sure your department (or the Entity) is listed by the pricing.
5. Once you are happy with the order, click the Approve button. This will put the purchase order into an approved state and lock-down the purchase order from any further changes.

Note: user permissions are required to approve purchase orders.

6. Once the order has been approved, you can then send the purchase order to the supplier by clicking the "Send Via B2B" button. creating a communication on the purchase order and sending the purchase order to the supplier.

7. [NOTE: This step needs to be provided by the Midwest Team on what happens once the clinic clicks the Send Via B2B, i.e. how do they confirm the order was sent, who to follow up with, etc)

8. [NOTE: This step needs to be provided by the Midwest Team on what happens after the order is confirmed on Midwest's side i.e. inventory shipped, where to check the supplier invoice from Midwest's side.

9. [ezyVet to add in steps/link to the Job Queue Receive Invoice documentation