For additional support, please email or email for any other VetDB enquiries.

How does the integration work?

For more information, please visit or

How to connect the integration

1. If you do not have a VetDB account, please visit to sign up

2. Log into ezyVet

3. Navigate to Admin > Integration > Integrations which should open up the New Integration Setting tab.

4. Search for the 'API Partner' Integration and select 'VetDB' and Save

5. Under Scopes, click Select All to enable all available scopes.

6. Hit Save.

7. Click Download Credentials to download the .txt file containing the Client ID and Client Secret

8. Copy and paste the contents of the credentials-api.txt file into the API Key field on the VetDB sign up page.

9. Please continue to complete the rest of the VetDB set up form.

10. For additional support and questions, please contact 

How to disconnect the integration

The integration can be removed by logging into ezyVet, selecting Integrations under Admin, selecting VetDB and clicking "Disable".