SUMMARY: This guide will show you a workaround for clients that are using Gmail accounts and are unable to reply to your clinic communications because of a limitation on Google's end. 

All emails sent from ezyVet will be sent from on behalf of a reply email address. The sending email address being used in your ezyVet site will be set in the back end as the default "reply to" email address. 

For quite some time there has been an existing issue with Gmail users and their inability to reply to outgoing client communications from the ezyVet System. The issue is that when a Gmail client attempts to reply to the email, any "reply to" email addresses are dropped and only the server email remains. In ezyVet's case, this is

This is an issue on Google's end and more information can be found through the following forum link:

As a workaround, you can embed a direct link to your clinic email address into your email templates. 
Below are the steps on how this can be done: 

Step One: 

Navigate to the email template(s) that you wish to embed your email link into.
Towards the bottom, write a blurb directed to clients with a Gmail account, this could be "If you are a Gmail user, click here to replyor something to that effect.

Step Two:  

Once you have highlighted the text that you would like to appear as the link, you will need to click on the link icon at the top of your template creator:

Step Three: 

This will open a pop-up where you can customize the link settings. Change the Link Type to "Email" and then enter your clinic email address. 

How will this appear to the client? 

They will receive your email as normal, but instead of hitting reply, they are prompted to click the embedded link. 

Clicking on this link will open a "New Message" that is pre-populated with the clinic's email address.