After you have done the necessary configuration, you can make a virtual appointment that uses a Zoom video call. 

Before you start, you must first:
  1. Configure the Zoom video call integration for ezyVet
  2. Configure a virtual appointment type that uses the Zoom integration

1. Select DASHBOARD, then select Calendar.

ezyVet shows the appointment calendar interface.

2. Select the applicable area in the calendar to make an appointment.

ezyVet shows the New Appointment interface.

3. In the Appointment Type box, select the applicable virtual appointment type.

Note:  For more information about how to configure a virtual appointment type, refer to Configure a Zoom virtual appointment type.

4. Select the client, patient, and other applicable settings.

5. Select SAVE.

ezyVet shows settings for the Zoom video call:

This table gives the three available settings:

1ezyVet shows the Zoom address of the call in this box.

You can send the address to other call participants.
2Select this button to automatically open the Zoom app and start the call.

Important: ezyVet cannot help you or your clients with problems related to Zoom, such as installation and how to use the app. If necessary, refer to the Zoom customer support site or speak to Zoom customer support staff.
3Do not select these buttons. They currently have no function.
Enter a password that participants must enter to connect to the call.

Note: This setting is only applicable if you set Password required to YES in the configuration of the virtual appointment. For more information, refer to Configure a Zoom virtual appointment type.

Note: After you enter the password, make sure that you select SAVE.

6. Select SAVE.