To use ezyVet’s virtual appointment feature, you must configure a virtual appointment type. You can then make a virtual appointment that uses the appointment type.

For more information about ezyVet appointment types, refer to Appointment Types.
Before you start, make sure that you have configured the Zoom integration for ezyVet. For more information, refer to Configure the Zoom video call integration.

1. Select ADMIN.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Appointment Types.

ezyVet shows the New Appointment Type interface.

4. Enter a name for the appointment type.

Use a name that makes it easy to identify the appointment type as a virtual type, such as "Zoom (virtual)."

5. In the Properties section, set Needs a client, Needs an animal, and Needs a clinical record all to YES.

6. In the Virtual Appointment Settings section, set Is virtual appointment to YES.

7. In the Select Provider list, select Zoom.

8. To set the remaining settings, refer to this table:

Start video when host joinsIf you set this to YES, the video call starts when the person who made the virtual appointment connects to the call.
Password requiredIf you set this to YES, the call participants must enter a password to connect to the call.
Note: ezyVet will tell you to set the password after you make an appointment that uses the virtual appointment type. For more information, refer to Make a virtual appointment.
Send confirmationIf you set this to YES, ezyVet sends a calendar item to call participants.

9. Select SAVE.