The ezyVet calendar has new commands that are related to virtual appointments. If you select a calendar item that is a virtual appointment then open a shortcut menu, ezyVet shows the new commands:

This table gives information about each command:

Virtual AppointmentSelect to show other commands that are related to the virtual appointment.
If the calendar item is not a virtual appointment, ezyVet does not show this command.
Start Video SessionSelect to start the call.
Copy Meeting LinkSelect to put a copy of the video call address in your device’s clipboard.
You can paste the address and send it to other persons.
Send InviteSelect to send the address of the call to a participant. There are two available methods:
  • SMS
  • Email
Note: To use these commands, you must set the default templates for virtual appointments. Refer to Template variables for virtual appointments.
Note: For more information about ezyVet's virtual appointment feature, refer to Virtual appointments.