This guide outlines how to incorporate telemedicine initiatives into your clinical workflow when looking to do remote work or non-face-to-face consults.

ezyVet is currently working on building an integration with the third-party remote conferencing provider, Zoom.

In the interim, we recommend exploring options such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype to utilize video conferencing.  

Your teams would still complete all normal functionality of booking an appointment within ezyVet, however, you would send your customers an external link for the video consult in order to facilitate a 'telemedicine' appointment.


Step 1.

Create a Specific Appointment Type for Telemedicine. Name this in a way that works for your clinical teams.

This will allow for easy visibility when identifying this type of consultation.



Step 2:

We suggest creating a specific SMS or Email template that includes all the steps your customers need to take for these telemedicine appointments.



When looking to reduce direct contact, we recommend where possible that you complete payment over the phone. This may be prior to the patient going back to the designated drop off zone that payment is taken over the phone with the client.

We have additional help guides on using the Paypal integration with the customer portal feature and using Payjunction payment solutions to achieve this. Please see our help guide list for more detail!