This guide will outline how to advise your customers how to add a digital signature to consent forms and estimates. This will require your customers to download the free version of Adobe using the below steps.

Please send the below steps to your customers, if you wish for them to be able to electronically sign a document you email them. They can then send this back to you to load to their ezyVet file.


Step One:

Go to the following link and download the free version of Adobe 




Step Two:

Once the Adobe file has finished downloading, open the application and the below screen will show.

You will then need to select ‘Fill & Sign’



Step Three

Upload the document you are needing to add a digital signature, by selecting the file you wish to dd the signature to - this will be the document emailed to you from the clinic that needs your authorization.



Step Four:

Once your document is uploaded you will need to select ‘Fill and Sign’



Step Five:

You will need to sign the document. Select sign and add a signature.


Step Six

You can now draw your signature on the screen as shown below, once you are happy with your signature, select apply.


Step Seven

Once you have saved your signature you can then save the signature in the relevant area of the document.