Vet Rocket integrates with ezyVet to provide a cloud-based PACS (Picture Archive Communications Systems) for storage and distribution of DICOM studies, including DX/CR/US/CT/MR/IO. For more information on how to integrate with Vet Rocket on your ezyVet site, please see the helpguide "Vet Rocket - Getting Started".

Please note that a maximum limit of 25 images will be displayed as thumbnails in ezyVet in the Diagnostic result section of the patient record. This limit was put into place to prevent speed issues caused by importing hundreds of images (as is the case for most CT scans and some dental radiographs). Although you will not be able to see all of your images in ezyVet, the Vet Rocket link in the Diagnostic Result will direct you to the full study. 


A series of dental xRays as displayed in RocketPACs. The number of images is 61 and 51. 

These xRays as displayed in ezyVet:

Click on the Vet Rocket link marked in (3) to see the complete study.