The article will explain to the users how the can add a new supplier (integrated or non-integrated re. ordering) to a group of products in bulk. 

Groups of Products can be organised by Product Groups, Prices, Existing Suppliers, Departments/Locations etc.

This task can be performed via the Records Dashboard tab, under the Dashboard tab by searching for specific product records type, then performing an action i.e. 'Add Supplier' in 'bulk' manor. 

WarningRemember users will need access to the Records Dashboard to perform this task.

How to Add a New Supplier to a Group of Products in Bulk

1. Go to the Records Dashboard

2. Search/Filter in the Relevant Product Records (that you wish to add your new supplier contact to). 

Below we have listed several different scenarios, on the different types of filters a user could use to search for and populate different groups product records, so they can add a new supplier. 

2a. All products associated with another supplier in the system - in the example below the supplier is Henry Schein.

2b. All product records associated with one or more product groups - in the example below all medication groups products have been searched for.


2c. All product records associated with a department/location - in the example below we've searched for product records associated with the location of 'Veterinary Services'.

2d. All product records associated with a certain cost price - in the example we've searched for all product records that have a cost price of > $15.00.

3Populate the relevant Product Record List, by clicking the 'SHOW RECORDS' button.

Once you're happy with the filter to produce the group of product records, click SHOW RECORDS' to populate the product record list beneath. Note: You will need to scroll down the webpage for the next step.

4'Action' Adding your new Supplier to these Product Records

Select the 'ALL' toggle to include ALL product records populate in the list of the Records Dashboard.

Then select the action of 'Add Supplier' then the drop-down menu.

Once the above is selected, click 'ACTION'

5. Add the New Supplier.

Select the department if applicable, and then choose your new Supplier.

In the below image, I have selected the entity called 'Choice Animal Hospital' and the new supplier of "Patterson'. Then click 'SHOW CONFIRMATION'.

6. 'Spot-checking' the Product Record List

WarningThis is the last step the user has to check that the product records listed, are the correct records having the new supplier added to them.

A new pop-up window should have appeared, this allows the user to perform one last final check of the product records which you are about to add and associate a new supplier record against.

If the user is still happy to go ahead with these changes at this stage, then the user can click 'ADD SUPPLIER'.

7. The new supplier has now been added.

Once the user has clicked ' Add Supplier' the system should appear with the following screen success message, for the user.

If in the event the product record, already has this supplier associated with it - the following warning message or similar, will appear to the user.