This article will explain to users how to print off ALL communication records, for one (or more) clients. Communication record types include snail mail, SMS, email, postcards, in-person, phone, fax & other methods

Navigate to Records > 'Record Type' Communication > 'Contact' as the contact you're interested in > Show Records
1. Go to the Records tab
2. Select the record type of 'Communications'
3. In the All field, select 'Contact' from the drop-down menu
4. Enter the specific client's whose communication you wish to print.
5. Click 'Show Records' to populate a list of all client communication 

Once you've brought up this list, select the communications you're looking to print - Select Selected > 'Action' Communication - Export > Action > In the pop-up select the format you want > Queue Report
1/2. Toggle all relevant records, or toggle the 'All' options in the Perform Action field)
3. Select the drop-down menu option of 'Communications - Export'.
4. Select 'Action'.
5. (A 'output Communications' window should open) Select the type of file you wish to generate the communications records into i.e PDF or Excel.
6. Click 'Queue Report' to generate the report.

This is the only way to print non-snail mail communications in ezyVet currently. 
In some respects, it might just be easier to copy and paste the material into a word document and print it from there but if you're looking to print multiple records at the same time this may be helpful.