This article will explain to ezyVet users how to print off a large volume of contact/client labels for mail purposes. Users can use this guide to help them print address labels for things such as marketing newsletters, Xmas cards and more!

At this stage, there is no 'straight-forward' way for users to print a large volume of client address labels.

In order for a user to print off a 'mass' volume of client contact labels at once time, they will need to perform the following tasks:

1) Generate a pending snail mail communication for all relevant clients, via the Records Dashboard

2) Action these pending communications via the Communication minor tab, to then have the relevant pop-up print window appear so they can 'print' the labels

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to performing the following tasks, if the event the clinic uses the integration of Google Cloud Print, this function will have to be turned off in the individual users ezyVet account. This can be actioned via the little print symbol in the top R hand corner of the ezyVet screen, next to the users' name and memo inbox.

Step One: Generate a Pending Snail Mail Communication for All Clients (that you want a label printed for), via the Records Dashboard

A. You will first need to create a completely blank template to 'mock' print as ezyVet can only generate labels from a snail mail communication, with document template attached.

Go to Admin > Templates > Document Templates > Create a new blank template

Note: this template should include no content and have no associate default header, footers or other templates attached.

Please refer to the below image to create this blank document template from.

B. You will then need to go and create a 'mass communication' to all the clients you wish to print a label for. You will need to filter the records dashboard to generate the relevant client record. This could include Top 100 Clients, All Active Clients, All Clients who've had consults in the past year etc. Once you have generated the list of clients via the Records Dashboard, you can then action creating a snail mail communication (which later you'll see will generate our labels as required!)

1. Go to Dashboard

2. Go to Records Dashboard

3. Select the record type you wish to populate into a list of 'Contacts/Clients'

4. Enter in the relevant filters to populate the list of clients, who contact labels you want to print out. In the below example I used 'All clients with a spend fo >$1000 in 2019 (so far)'.

5.f Click 'SHOW RECORDS' - this will generate a list of the relevant client to populated as shown in the below image.

6. Scroll down the page, to further 'action' this task.

C. In the Perform Action field (see below image), toggle the 'ALL' option to select all records, select the action of 'Generate Communication' and then click 'ACTION'.

D. A pop-up window called 'Send communication' should then appear like the image below. You need to select the method of 'Snail Mail' and select the newly created (or previously saved) 'Blank' Document template. Leave the status as 'Pending' and click 'CONFIRM WHAT TO SEND'

Step Two: 'Action' these pending communications via the Communication list, to then populate the relevant window with the contact address labels to print.

1. Go to the minor tab called 'Communications' via the Dashboard tab.

2. Enter the date filters of today's status and status of 'Pending'. Ensure all other filters are blank, unless where applicable i.e departments/locations, and select the communication method of 'Snail Mail'. (Refer to the highlight sections on the below image here)

4. Toggle all relevant pending communication records you have just created (or you can individually select these if preferred)

REMINDER: Have you turned off your Google Cloud Print (if applicable)?

5. Once the appropriate communication records are selected, click the 'PRINT SELECTED' button. 

The 'PRINT SELECTED' button should trigger two pop-up windows to appear.

The first will be the 'blank templates' attached to communication records created. You can just close this window.

However, the second window should auto-generate the list of relevant client address label that you're wanting to print off.

Side Note: By performing this task, keep in mind that you will be creating a communication record against the client's record under the communication tab. While this is handy for keeping trackers of mail-outs etc, this can sometimes not be 'wanted' by the user.