After a practice administrator has configured ezyVet Go, you can use your mobile device to install the app and sign in.

Before you begin:
  • Make sure that your practice administrator has done the necessary configuration
  • Make sure that ezyVet on your computer screen shows the QR code
For information about how to configure ezyVet Go and access the QR code, refer to ezyVet Go: Initial configuration. If necessary, speak to your practice administrator.

To install and sign in to ezyVet Go:

1. Go to your mobile device’s app store and install ezyVet Go.

2. Open ezyVet Go.

ezyVet Go shows the Welcome to ezyVet Go screen.

3. Select Scan your QR code:

Note: If ezyVet Go shows “ezyVet Go” Would Like to Access the Camera, select OK:

4. Point your mobile device’s camera at the QR code that ezyVet shows on your computer screen.

Note: If ezyVet Go successfully scans the QR code, it shows the This is your first time here! message:

5. Select Add User.

ezyVet Go shows a Username and Password box.

6. Enter your username and password, then select LOGIN.

Note: The username and password is the same as your ezyVet username and password.

7. Enter a security PIN.

8. Select an applicable default resource.

Note: The example image that follows uses the resource for the staff member named Christina Langley. You will usually select your own resource.

9. In the Default Appointment Type section, select Not Selected.

10. Select an applicable default appointment type.

Note: This example uses the Consult appointment type.

11. Select SAVE.

ezyVet Go syncs data with ezyVet, then shows your appointments.

Note: The time necessary to complete the initial sync is related to the quantity of data that you have stored in ezyVet. Wait until ezyVet Go completes the initial sync before you do a patient consultation.