Before you use ezyVet Go, a practice administrator must use ezyVet to configure it. This includes
  • Configuring an ezyVet Go integration
  • Adding ezyVet Go licenses
Before you begin:

A practice administrator usually does the procedure given in this guide. If you are not a practice administrator, make sure that you have these ezyVet permissions:
  • Manage Subscriptions and Billing
  • System Settings
  • API Administration
If you do not have these permissions, speak to your practice administrator.

To configure ezyVet Go:

1. Sign in to ezyVet. 

2. Select ADMIN:

3. In the settings list, select Integration:

ezyVet shows the New Integration Setting > Details interface:

4. In the Integration box, select API Partner.

ezyVet shows the API Partner Settings section. 

5. In the Partner list, select ezyVet Go.

6. Select SAVE.

ezyVet shows a success message, then shows a QR code and other information.

Note: Do not scan the QR code at this time. Continue immediately to step 7.

7. Move down the page to the Allowed Users section.

8. Select Change.

ezyVet shows the Billing tab, which shows the Software as a Service Billing interface. 

9. At the end of the ezyVet Go row, select CHANGE.

ezyVet shows the Change ezyVet Go License dialog box.

10. Select the necessary number of user licenses, then select CONTINUE.

ezyVet shows the license information and cost.

Note: To read the license information, select the Terms and Conditions link. Make sure that you read the information carefully.

11. Select I Accept the Terms and Conditions, then select CONFIRM.


  • Shows a success message
  • Goes back to the Software as a Service Billing interface and shows the changed license number and related cost

12. Select API Partner (ezyVet Go).

13. Move down the page to the Allowed Users section.

14. In the User box, select the applicable staff member who will use ezyVet Go.

Note: If ezyVet does not show the User box, right-click on the API Partner (ezyVet Go) tab, then select Refresh:

15. Select SAVE.

You have done the necessary ezyVet configuration. Next: 

  1. Keep the window open and make sure that ezyVet shows the QR code, but do not scan the code.
  2. Complete the procedure given in ezyVet Go: Installation and sign-in.