• There are three different ways of sending postcards to your clients via ezyVet. For an overview of the different ways of creating postcards, please see the help guide "Overview: Sending Postcard communications from ezyVet"
  • Please note: This article does solely cover how to send postcards to a third party provider - not how to send postcards via the US Postcard integration or printing postcards in-house.

1. Create a new Snail Mail template

Enter the text you would like to see printed on the back of the postcard. This needs to be set up like a normal reminder, using template variables as appropriate.

Please note: The settings for Logo Location/ Front image can only be used for the US Postcard integration. If you do not wish to use the integration, you can disregard these. 

2. Add snail mail communications to client files manually or add pending snail mail communications to your automated communication tasks.

3. Export all postcard communications via the Records Dashboard

Choose record type "Communication" and filter to "Postcard" communication method in the "All" section. 

4. Export all Postcard communications into an Excel sheet

You will need to include the contacts address details if prompted.

This will create a report containing the postcards' content and the contact addresses. Send this report to the Third party Postcard provider and they will print the postcards for you.