How can I email multiple invoices to a contact? 


Singular invoices can be sent directly from the invoice file via email or fax. This article covers how you can send multiple invoices to the same client at once. 

1. Select your Reporting tab


2. Type "invoices" in the search bar and select the "Send invoices" report

3. Choose the client you wish to send the invoices to. If you have several clients you wish to send invoices to, leave this field blank. 

4. Select a date range covering the dates of the invoices you wish to send

5. Click on "View Unsent Invoice List

This will create a list of invoices for this particular contact. You can then tick or untick the checkboxes in front of each invoice to choose which of the invoices you are sending out. 

Please note: Invoices that were already emailed to the client previously will not show up in this list. These will need to be sent individually from the invoice record. 

6. Click "Send

This will now create communications for this contact and direct mail the invoices. You should see a green success message popping up in the bottom right corner of your screen:

7.  You can find the sent invoice communications in the client's communication tab