This guide goes over the 2nd part of the Integration set up in regards to product configuration.

For the 1st part, please see the guide Modeus (Vet S8) API Integration - Part 1: Integration Set Up.

  • How to Create the (S8) Product Group and Add Drugs
  • How to Create the (S8) Group

How to Create the (S8) Group

1. Go to Admin > Product Groups > Details tab 

If you don’t have a Product Group containing your S8’s create a new product group by following the steps below and ensure you include (S8) in the name. 

Examples include - 

- Vet (S8) 

- My (S8) Drugs 

- (S8)

- Controlled Drugs (S8)

Important: Please ensure you name the groupp exactly as shown above i.e. letter S and number 8 surrounded by round brackets.

This is essential as our system uses these brackets as a unique identifier. 

If you already have a Product Group containing S8’s then add (S8) somewhere in the product group name as mentioned above. 

2. Click SAVE to save the changes 

How to Add Products to the (S8) Group?

1. Go to Admin> Products > Products

2. Type the name of the product you wish to add to the (S8) group. 

In our case, let’s assume we want to add a product called Test Code to the product group Vet (S8) 

1. In the lookup bar, type the word test 

2. Click on the product you wish to add to the (S8) group 

3. Under the Primary Group section, enter the name of the product group 

4. Click Save to save the changes 

5. Repeat steps 2-4 to add more products

3. To check if the products have been added successfully, 

1. Go to Products > Product Groups 

2. Go to the Products tab 

3. Check if the product appears on the list 

4. Once you have configured your ezyVet as per the instructions above, email the credentials file created and downloaded in Part 1 to your Modeus Sales Representative. 

If you require any assistance during the setup process, please contact us.