Communications - Postcard (US Postcards integration) 


About the article 
  • What is the US postcard integration?
  • How do I set up the integration?

The ezyVet postcard integration enables you to send postcards to your customers directly through ezyVet. You will no longer need to involve a third party postcard provider - once set up, the postcard content will automatically be generated, the complete postcard created and sent out to your clients through ezyVet. This document guides you through the set up of the integration "US Postcards".

Please note: This integration is currently only available to ezyVet customers based in the USA.

Adding this integration to you ezyVet site is free of charge - you will however be charged per postcard that is sent out. 


Cost, Size & Delivery time:

Regions available: US

Cost: $0.75 per postcard (USD)
Size: 4.25 x 6

Quality: Gloss Laminate


Expected delivery time is between 3-5 business days, + 1 business day of turnaround time (between sending the postcard from ezyVet and passing the postcard on to the delivery service). 

This means your customer can expect to receive the postcard 4-6 business days from when you click 'send' in ezyVet.


Adding the integration

The postcard integration will need to be added to your list of integrations. You will need to have permission to add Integrations to your ezyVet sites in order to follow the steps below. 

1. In your Admin Tab, select "Integration" from the gray drop down menu on the left hand side of ezyVet.


2. From the integration list, select "US Postcards"

3. Fill out the 'For Division' if applicable.  

4. Click "Save"

You have now made the integration available on your ezyVet site.

5. Before sending out postcards, you will need to check your Logo settings

You can find and edit your clinics logo under Admin > Templates > Template settings > Misc settings.

TIPFor best results, please upload your logo in a .png format, as well as with a transparent background.
If using .jpeg, the image will not be transparent and any background (including a white background) will print on the postcard.

If you have multiple departments, the integration will use the business logo for the department the communication is sent under.

Your logo will be printed on the postcard - you can choose the exact position of the logo on the postcard picture (top-left; top-right; bottom-left; bottom-right or on the back/text site) when setting up postcard templates. To see examples of this and to learn how to set up your postcard templates, have a look at our help guide on postcard templates:  "Postcard integration Part 2 - Setting up and previewing postcard templates"