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How does the integration work?

This integration passes client contact information from ezyVet into ReviewTree after an appointment is completed*. The Reviewtree applications will then collect feedback from the client (name, email, and mobile), generate a Net Promoter Score, and help connect happy clients to share positive reviews publicly. 

Customer feedback and satisfaction rating will then get passed back into the client record associated with that appointment in ezyVet.

*ReviewTree confirms the appointment status is marked as 'Complete' or 'Departed'.

How to connect the integration

1. Log into ezyVet

2. Navigate to Admin > Integrations

3. Under the Integration

4. Under Scopes, click Select All to enable all available scopes.

5. Click Download Credentials

6. Log into ReviewTree and select 'ezyVet' from Integrations.

7. You will see a place to enter your Client ID and Secret ID. Open the text file that contains your ezyVet credentials and copy and paste the Client ID, and Secret ID into Reviewtree.

8. Hit Save.

How to configure your integration settings in ReviewTree

After connecting the integration, you will be able to select which types of appointments you wish to generate requests for feedback. By default, the integration will not send multiple requests for multiple appointments but will send one feedback request and one follow up per client. 

You will also be able to select if you want to block requests for any client who has had an animal die in the last 12 months. This is a checkbox to block sending feedback to clients whose animals are deceased. 

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How to disconnect the integration

This integration can be removed by logging into ReviewTree, selecting Integrations under accounts and clicking on “Disconnect” for ezyVet.

The integration can also be removed by logging into ezyVet, selecting Integrations under Admin, selecting Reviewtree and clicking "Disable".