You can book either a 15 minute or 30 minute webinar with a member of our support team by clicking on the "Book Private Webinar" under the blue help tab. 

These webinars are free of charge. As we offer a 24-hour support service across our London and Auckland offices we have available webinar slots across all time zones. 

When to book a 15 minute Q&A

- These are recommend when you have multiple quick answer questions

- If you want to refresh your memory and have a member of the support team run through the functionality of one area of ezyVet

When to book a 30 minute webinar

- For any configuration (templates, products)

- For any assistance setting up something for the first time (eBooking, integrations, user permissions) 

- For assistance creating a custom report or general reporting assistance  

- If you are using an area of ezyVet for the first time and would like training on the functionality and work flow 

When to email support/raise a ticket 
- If you notice something is not functioning as it usually would, but you can continue your normal work flow

- If you require clarification on a feature or function 

When to call our support line 

- Any urgent queries

- If anything is preventing you from completing your normal day to day workflow 

- Any performance/speed issues 

What information we need you to provide (for all of the above)

- A minimum of one example of this occurring (screenshot if via email) 

- Contact number if booking a webinar 

- Your ezyVet URL

- AnyDesk so we can remotely access your screen