You can send postcard communications straight from the patient, client or clinical record, using a template or creating your own message. 

  1. Go to the patient's record (or clinical record).
  2. Go to the 'Communications' tab.
  3. Select the Postcard icon under Communication Methods.

  4. Click the '+' to create a new postcard communication.

  5. On the New Communication pop-up, enter the following details:
    • Date & Time the postcard is to send
    • Status ('Sending' will send based on set Date & Time) 
    • Postcard Template (if using a template)
    • Delivery Address (without a delivery address set, the postcard communication will not send)

    • Select PREVIEW POSTCARD to generate a preview. This will take a few seconds to generate, and will open in a separate pop-up. 
    • Once you are happy with the postcard, click SEND. This will send the postcard details will then create and distribute the postcard to the recipient.