This article is gong to cover the best date template variables to use for appointment reminder templates. Using the correct variables will ensure that reminders are consistently sent with the correct information.

{AppointmentDate} will be best used for setting up automated appointment reminders, where the communication is generated from an appointment automatically.

This will be the most reliable way to ensure that the correct date for the appointment being communicated for will populate in the template.

{AnimalNextAppointment} is best used when not using an automated task, and instead if sending communications manually or directly from an animal's file.

If you use {AppointmentDate} directly from an animal's file, the system won't know what appointment it is for (is it the next one, or the past one, or any of the other 5 appointments on their file?). This is why {AnimalNextAppointment} will work best this this scenario, because it will always bring in the next upcoming appointment's date.