Vet Rocket engineers innovative digital imaging products and services for the veterinary market, including DR systems, PACS software, and cloud-based solutions.
ezyVet integrates with Vet Rocket to provide a cloud-based PACS (Picture Archive Communications Systems) for storage and distribution of DICOM studies, including DX/CR/US/CT/MR/IO.

This article covers:

  • Sending diagnostic requests
  • Alerts on the 'Work List' tab
  • Receiving diagnostic results
  • Printing images in a clinical summary

Contacting Vet Rocket:
Email: support@vetrocket.com
Support line: (800) 757-0266 ext 3 for any inquiries

Sending Diagnostic Requests
1. In the clinical record of a patient, select the (+) plus icon before ‘Diagnostic Request’ to open to Diagnostic Request window. Each test must have its own request and lab reference number.

2. In this window, select Vet Rocket as the Supplier and choose the diagnostic(s). Include additional notes/information in the ‘Specifics’ section.

3. Click the blue ‘Add’ button to send the diagnostic request to the machine.

The request will be listed under diagnostic requests on the patient’s medical record in ezyVet.

4. The request is sent through to Vet Rocket and will appear in the modality worklist.

5. Once the exam has been completed the results will appear on the home screen of the user's Vet Rocket, and simultaneously trigger communication with ezyVet. ezyVet will then be informed that images are available and will retrieve them from Vet Rocket automatically.

Alerts on the 'Work List' tab
A diagnostic request will be listed on the 'Work List' tab found on the dashboard. This tab will flash red whenever there are outstanding tasks.

Receiving Diagnostic Results 

Once imaging is completed, a diagnostic result will be created. All of the images will be added to the diagnostic result as well as reports and any additional files. You will automatically be notified when results come back by an automated memo (If you have memos toggled on).

The diagnostic results can be found in a patient’s clinical record under ‘Diagnostic Results’ as well as in the ‘Diagnostics’ tab on the Dashboard.

To edit/ update the results, click on the pencil icon or double-click the diagnostic result.

This will open the diagnostic result and will include a preview of the image(s). Notes can be added/ updated in the ‘Outcomes’ and ‘Clinic Notes / Specifics’ sections.

When the study is complete, mark the results as complete by changing the ‘tick icon’ to complete. This is indicated when the icon is green.

The red rocket icon will link you directly to Vet Rocket to view the results. For additional instructions on using the Vet Rocket DICOM viewer, select the ‘?’ icon within the viewer toolbar.

Printing images on a clinical summary 

When you generate a clinical summary and add the diagnostic result section, any images on the results will show up on the generated summary under the diagnostic result.