In ezyVet Go, you can treat multiple patients at the same time, in the same consult. With one workflow, you can add vaccines, medications, notes, etc. to more than 1 patient, at once!

While you can only link one animal (patient) to an appointment to begin with, once you are in the consult view you are able to add additional patients.

Follow the steps below to add additional patients to your consult.

1. Tap an appointment on your calendar and click Start.

2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Add Patients.

3. On the Add Patient screen, you have three options:

i. This Location: will show all patients that share the same residence address as your anchor patient.
ii. Nearby: will allow you to search patients within a radius of up to 10 km, using the contacts longitude and latitude details if set in ezyVet.
iii. Search: finally you have the search tab which allows you to search all patients. 

4. Tap on the patient you would like to add and click Add Patient.