About Openpay

Openpay is a modern-day payment plan, which allows pet owners to care for their pets today and pay for the vet bill over a timeline that suits their lifestyle, without leaving them in a nasty debt cycle.

#1 in the Buy Now, Pay Later industry for animal health, they are a fast-growing business in the Australian market, with 470,000 customers since it was founded in 2014, and 30% growth month on month.

Enhancing the customer experience:
  • On the spot approval for anywhere between $100-$7,000.
  • Flexible payment terms from 2-24 months, no interest charged ever.
  • Get your pet treated today and have more time to pay.
  • Avoid large lump sum payments that can make budgeting difficult, especially for families.

Click here to read our blog announcing the Openpay integration, and for a glance at the integration.

Making a Refund

1. Open the original payment created using Openpay as the payment method.

Note: the payment can be found on the contact's financials.

2. At the top of the payment, click the button 'Reverse/Refund Payment'.

3. Using the refund pop-up, enter the refund amount. The full payment amount will be the default, however you can change this amount by manually overriding the amount.

4. Click Submit. The payment will then be refunded and a green success notification will appear at the bottom right.