Before you begin, you must know the ID of the payment that is necessary to refund.

Note: You can refund one payment only using the procedure given in this guide.

To make a refund:

1. Select FINANCIAL.

2. In the settings list, select Payments.

ezyVet shows the New Payment dialog box. 

3. In the Client box, select the applicable client who will get the refund.

4. Select Openpay.

5. In the Payment box enter the applicable refund quantity.

Note: Make sure that you enter a negative value.

6. In the Please select previous payment box, select the applicable payment ID.

Note: You cannot refund a quantity more than the amount given in the source payment. For example, if a payment has an AMOUNT value of $200.00, you cannot refund more than $200.00. But you can refund $100.00.

7. Select SAVE.

If the refund was correct, ezyVet shows accepted in the Status box.