1. Once the patient has received treatment, the pet owner can decide to transact with Openpay.

2. After selecting Openpay, ezyVet shows the Use App method setting and the Manual Openpay ID box.

3. Confirm the amount to be paid - adjust as required.

Note: Openpay has minimum and maximum permitted payment amounts. For more information, speak to Openpay customer support.

4. Enter your Openpay customer ID in the Manual Openpay ID box.

5. Select PAY.

ezyVet shows the New Integrated Payment Transaction dialog box.

6. Wait for the client to approve the payment in the Openpay app on their device.

7. After the client has approved the payment, ezyVet closes the dialog box and the Status shows accepted.

Note: If ezyVet does not close the dialog box after 30 seconds, the box shows the Force Recheck and Cancel buttons. To do a check again, select Force Recheck. If ezyVet has completed the transaction, it closes the dialog box. To cancel the transaction, select Cancel