About Openpay

Openpay is a modern-day payment plan, which allows pet owners to split their vet bills over 2 to 24 months with no interest. By offering greater choice and payment flexibility, pets can access the best level of care with more time to pay. Openpay is one of Australia’s leading Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions within the vet industry and operates in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. To find out more click here.

Pet Owner Benefits
• Easier access to animal healthcare for purchases between $100 - $7,000
• No interest
• Seamless and simple digital sign up & approvals process

• Choose when to pay it off by, with 2-24 month options with fortnightly payments

Practice Benefits
• Increase customer average spend, and repeat visits
• Guaranteed payment in full the next business day
• No risk to the business
• Always-on support available, including a dedicated account manager and marketing templates to help you grow your business

Click here to read our blog announcing the Openpay integration, and for a glance at the integration.

Part I: Configuring the Integration

1. Navigate to ADMIN

2. Using the drop-down menu on the left, select Integration.

3. On the main page, use the Integration drop-down/search to find Openpay.
4. A new section for the Openpay Integration Settings will appear. The Store Identity and Openpay Identity are to be provided by Openpay.
Enter the details, and click SAVE.

5. Once the integration has been saved, click the Validate Credentials tool to check whether the integration was successful.

Part II: Create an Openpay Payment Method

1. Navigate to ADMIN.

2. Using the drop-down menu on the left, select Financial.

3. Using the menu on the left, click Payment Methods to create a new payment method.

4. On the main page, you can create a new payment method for Openpay. Use the screenshot below as a reference:

a. Name: type 'Openpay'
b. Associated Account: Enter the associated account of your choice
c. Type: enter the payment type of your choice
d. Use Payment Terminal: Leave this setting disabled
e. Uses Standard Payment Integration: Click the slider to enable this setting.
When you enable this setting, another setting will appear. Search Openpay and select the Openpay option - this is the integration created in Part I. 
f. Uses rounding: Optional
g. Surcharge: Optional
h. Image on payment: This is the image that appears on the payment method when creating a new payment. Uploading an image of Openpay's logo may help make the payment method easier to identify when creating a payment, like the screenshot below:

5. Once the payment method details have been filled out, click SAVE.

You're now ready to start taking payments using Openpay.