When you have copy + pasted a template variable from our variables list into a template in ezyVet, sometimes this variable will not work - e.g. it does not input the detail when you generate the template on a file.

This is usually because when you copy + paste information into the ezyVet template builder, as the builder uses html formatting, the copy + paste brings in the background formatting from the source you copied from.

Example, if I had a piece of information in a word document, and I copied this into the ezyVet template builder, it would like normal on the surface, but the background code would have brought the formatting (e.g. an indent, a comma etc).

This is the same for template variables.

When this issue occurs, please delete the variable from your template and manually type this in.

e.g. if the variable copied in is {AnimalName} - backspace this and manually type the variable.

If this does not resolve the issue, please reach out to our Support team for further assistance.