The HomeAgain integration is a one-way API integration with Read-Access. This means HomeAgain can pull information from ezyVet but will not change any information in ezyVet. 

HomeAgain provides a national pet recovery database where pet parents can get their pets microchipped and enrolled with the database.

Once enrolled, the microchip links to a permanent record of their information – which is important to keep up-to-date so they can be reached when their lost pet is found. Their microchip comes with a personal listing in our HomeAgain's pet database, and this translates to anytime/anywhere pet recovery services.

Integration Configuration:

1. Navigate to ADMIN

2. Using the drop-down menu on the left, select Integration.

3. On the main page, use the Integration drop-down/search to find API Partner.

When you select API Partner, an extra section will appear called API Partner Settings.

4. Under the Partner drop-down, select HomeAgain.

5. Click SAVE to save the integration. 

6. Upon saving, credentials will be generated and the list of scopes will be displayed. Under the Scopes section, click the green 'Select All' button to enable all scopes.

7. Click SAVE again.