1. Once you have started an appointment, tap the name of the patient (or the patient icon). The patient icon will be highlighted green when selected. 

2. Once the patient has been selected, you will notice a menu appear on the right side of the screen. Tap the option labelled 'Medication'. 

3. You will be presented with a list of medications to choose from (this is an extensive list pulled from your ezyVet site). Tap on the medication you wish to add (more than one can be selected).
Tip: Use the search at the top to refine your list.

5. Tap ADD X PRODUCTS at the bottom of the screen.

6. The next screen will present the list of medications you have selected, the quantity prescribed and the quantity dispensed. 

To increase or decrease the prescribed or dispensed quantity, use the + or -. 
Note: Adjusting the dispense will automatically adjust the prescribed, however adjusting the prescribed will not alter the dispensed. If you wish to prescribe and dispense, use the dispense section. You can also tap the number field to enter a number (e.g. for decimals like 0.5, or larger numbers like 50).

To remove any from the list, click the x on the right side of the presenting problem. 

7. Tap SAVE to add the medications to the consult.

Tip: You can mark certain medications as a 'favorite' by tapping the star. Your starred items will be pushed to the top of the list so that they are easier to find.