This guide shows you how to adjust your ezyVet Go user limit if you need to add or remove users.

Users with the permission* Manage Subscriptions and Billing are able to adjust the ezyVet Go user limit. 

Note: ezyVet Support are not permitted to change your ezyVet Go user licenses.

*Permissions are found under ADMIN > Users/Resources > Permissions.

1. To adjust your ezyVet Go user limit (increase/decrease) navigate to ADMIN > Integrations.

2. Click on your ezyVet Go Integration (in the list found on the left).

3. Scroll down to the section Allowed Users.

4. This section will tell you how many ezyVet Go licences you currently have available. Click the green Change button to change your licences. 

5. You will be directed to a new tab called Billing which allows you to manage your subscriptions. Find the line ezyVet Go - you'll get a summary of how many users you are paying for, how many you've used and how many users you have available. This also gives you a total of how much you are being charged each month. 

Click the blue CHANGE button to increase or decrease your licences.

6. A pop-up will appear where you can use the + button to increase your users or use the - button to decrease your users. You can also just override the existing users with a valid number.

7. Once you are happy with your user limit, click CONTINUE.

8. You will then be asked to confirm your ezyVet Go license change. 

You will be informed of the new monthly cost based on your changes, and you will be asked to Accept the Terms and Conditions. You can click the underlined Terms and Conditions to open and read in a new tab. You will not be able to CONFIRM until you have accepted the Terms and Conditions (check the tick-box).

Please note: ezyVet Support are not able to change your ezyVet Go user licenses.

9. Once you have successfully updated your license limit, you can close the Billing tab. 

10. Refresh your integration tab (right click tab > Refresh) and scroll down to the Allowed Users section.

11. The user boxes in this section will correspond with the number of licenses you have. Make sure your ezyVet Go users are assigned to a box and click SAVE.