Every person who raises a support ticket to ezyVet Support through any channel automatically becomes a contact in our customer support portal - this operates outside the ezyVet platform, but any tickets raised using your blue support button in ezyVet is sent through to this portal.

You can create an account in our support portal and login before you create a ticket or look at our Knowledge Base and Help Guides.

Creating an account in our customer support portal

A new user can create an account by clicking Sign up in the upper-right corner of the customer portal located https://support.ezyvet.com 

The Signup form will collect the user's name and email address. You must also action the captcha, which is in place to prevent spam. 

Registered users can click on Login in the upper-right corner of the customer portal. (New users can too, and then use the SSO options to login for the first time.)

Accessing the ezyVet Knowledge Base and Help Guides in the customer support portal:

Our Knowledge Base is a hub of help guides. This includes all the help guides and videos located in your ezyVet system but also includes the first roll outs of any new information before it is loaded into your ezyVet system.

You can then search using key words - the ezyVet customer support portal is able to search via title and content, so if you search a key word, it will show results where that word or phrase has been used anywhere in any of our guides.

You can also browse our Knowledge base by category, eg. Clinical, Dashboard Management, Reporting, Integrations.

These guides can be accessed outside the ezyVet software and can be extremely helpful in cases where you are unable to access the ezyVet platform but need assistance.

Keeping up with the latest news and new feature releases in our release notes:

Inside our Knowledge Base is a category called 'release notes' - this category houses the release notes for each version of ezyVet, going back to pass releases all the way to the next release of ezyVet. Here you can read about the upcoming update and new features before they come into your site and keep up with the latest and greatest from the ezyVet team.

Creating tickets from the customer support portal

Now that you have signed into your account on our customer support portal, you are able to view our Knowledge Base/Help Guides, previously logged tickets and also raise new support tickets. 

Quick guide to creating support tickets on the customer support portal

  • After you login, you can click on the create new ticket button as indicated:

  • You will be taken to a ticket form where you can fill out information like  'Email Address', 'Subject' ,'Description', 'Examples of the query or issue' and 'What steps you have taken to resolve the issue already' along with the additional information such as 'Name', 'Phone Number' or the 'Type' of the issue. You can also attach files to these tickets.
  • The customer portal may suggest a solution article/help guide based on what you type in the subject box. This will help you get a solution without needing to wait on a support response.
  • Once you hit the 'Submit' button, your ticket will be created in the ezyVet customer support portal and our internal ticketing system for our support team to begin working through.
  • You will then be taken to the public ticket page or home page. where you  can check the status of the ticket, add replies and notes to it when needed.

Quick guide to checking tickets' progress

At any point, you will be able to login and check the status of the tickets you have raised by clicking on the Check ticket status link, as shown below:

A ticket can have various statuses. You can filter out tickets based on the 'Status' by using the drop down above the list of tickets:

All Tickets view

Choosing All Tickets will show every ticket raised by your email with our Support team, no matter what the status of the tickets is.

Open or Pending tickets

Open tickets are still in progress with the team.  Pending  status is used when the Support team are awaiting a response from you or if they're waiting for more information from a third party.

Resolved or Closed

The ticket is marked as Resolved when the Support agent provides the solution for the your question/issue. The ticket is marked as Closed when you have not responded to the resolve status for more than 3 days or when you confirm the resolution of the ticket.

You will be able to reply to the ticket at any point of time to reopen it in case of further questions.