NOTE: The Postcard Integration is currently being tested. More information will be published when the integration is live.

Send postcards to your customers and patients using ezyVet's reminder system and integration with AmazingMail.

Integration partner: AmazingMail
Regions available: US

Cost: $0.70 per postcard (USD)
Size: 4.25 x 6


  • About the postcard integration
  • Cost, Size & Delivery time

About ezyVet's Postcard Integration

  • Choose from a selection of images in ezyVet
  • Put your logo on the front (top-left; top-right; bottom-left; bottom-right) or the back of the postcard. (Logo pulled from Admin > Templates > Logo)
    If you have multiple departments, the integration will use the business logo for the department the communication is sent under.

  • Create postcard templates for the main message - this will appear on the back-left of the postcard.
  • Create an Automated task for postcard communications or send manual postcard communications.

TIPFor best results, please upload your logo in a .png format, as well as with a transparent background.
If using .jpeg, the image will not be transparent and the background will appear on the postcard.

Front example:

Back example:

Cost, Size & Delivery time:

Size: 4.25 x 6 

Cost: $0.70 (USD)

Delivery: Expected delivery time is between 3-5 business days, + 1 business day of turnaround time (between sending the postcard from ezyVet, to AmazingMail processing and passing the postcard on to the delivery service). 

This means your customer can expect to receive the postcard 4-6 business days from when you click 'send' in ezyVet.