Communications - Postcard (US Postcards integration) 


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  • How do I create postcard templates and choose images?
  • How can I preview postcards before sending?

Create your postcard template

The postcard template allows you to select a postcard image, decide the location of your logo on the postcard, and create a template message that will appear on the back of the postcard.

1. Go to Admin > Templates > Postcard Templates

2. Give your template a Name.

3. Select the Department (if applicable). 

TipTo make the template available across the whole site, set the department to the entity.

4. In the Plaintext box, enter your template message. Here you can use all template variables such as {AnimalName}.

5. Scroll down below the Plaintext box where you'll find the selection of images to choose from.

  • Select an image by clicking the image
  • Select the location for your logo using the drop-down to the right just above the images
  • Options include Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Back of Postcard.

Please note: the 'Postcard Variables' fields can be ignored when using the US Postcards integration. These fields are used when exporting postcard communications in a CSV to send to postcard delivery companies that are not integrated with ezyVet.

Top left: 

Top right:

Bottom left:

Bottom right:

Back example:

6. Click SAVE.

Preview your postcard 

1. Go to a patient (any patient - you will not be sending a real postcard yet)

2. Open the Communication tab

3. Click the postcard icon

4. Click + to create a new postcard communication

5. Enter the postcard template

6. Enter the delivery address

7. Click 
Preview Postcard

8. A new window will prepare and load your postcard preview

9. Click Cancel to cancel the communication