The Postcard Integration is currently in testing. More information to come when the integration goes live.

About ezyVet's Postcard Integration

The postcard integration currently has one standard layout and allows you to:
  • Select the postcard front color from 7 options.
  • Pull your logo onto the front of the postcard. The logo is pulled from Admin > Templates > Logo.
    If you have multiple departments, the integration will use the business logo for the department the communication is sent under.

    TIP: For best results, please upload your logo in a .png format, as well as with a transparent background.
    If using .jpeg, the image will not be transparent and the background will appear on the postcard.

  • Create postcard templates for the main message - this will appear on the back of the postcard, on the left-hand side. 
  • Create an Automated task for postcard communications.
  • Create manual postcard communications.

Front example:

Back example:

Delivery time:
Expected delivery time is between 3-5 business days, + 1 business day of turnaround time (between sending the postcard from ezyVet, to AmazingMail processing and passing the postcard on to the delivery service). 
This means your customer can expect to receive the postcard 4-6 business days from when you click 'send' in ezyVet.

Setting up the Integration

To send postcard communications, you must first set up the integration with AmazingMail.
  • Go to Admin > Integration > Integrations
  • In the blank Integration box, search for AmazingMail.
    Some more fields will appear.

  • Fill out the 'For Division' if applicable. 
  • Choose the 'Front Color' from the list - this is the color the front of your postcard will be.
  • Click SAVE. 
  • To preview your postcard (using generic test information), click PREVIEW.

Setting up your Postcard Templates

The postcard template allows you to create a template for the message that will appear on the back of the postcard.
  • Go to Admin > Templates > Postcard Templates

  • Give your template a Name 
  • Select the department (if applicable). To make the template available across the whole site, set the department to the entity.
  • In the Plaintext box, enter your template message. Here you can use all template variables such as {AnimalName}.
  • Click SAVE.

Manual send from a patient

You can send postcard communications straight from the patient record, using a template or creating your own message. 
  • Go to the patient's record (or clinical record).
  • Go to the 'Communications' tab.

  • Select the Postcard icon under Communication Methods.

  • Click the '+' to create a new postcard communication.

  • On the New Communication pop-up, enter the following details:
    • Date & Time the postcard is to send
    • Status ('Sending' will send based on set Date & Time) 
    • Postcard Template (if using a template)
    • Delivery Address (without a delivery address set, the postcard communication will not send)

    • Select PREVIEW POSTCARD to generate a preview. This will take a few seconds to generate, and will open in a separate pop-up. 
    • Once you are happy with the postcard, click SEND. This will send the postcard details to AmazingMail.

Setting up an automated communication task for your postcards

Setting up automated tasks allows you to have postcard communications generating and sending in the background, automatically. 
Creating a postcard communication follows the same procedure as other automated tasks. However, under Send Methods, you will want to set the Communication Type to Postcard, and select your postcard Template.