The Status column of your communications dashboard helps you see what status the communication is sitting in, between ezyVet and the third party SMS provider.

The SMS Status column of your communications dashboard helps you see what status the SMS communication is in, between the provider and the recipient.

Icons under the Status column:

Yellow hourglass: The communication is pending and will not be sent until manually sent/completed.

Green hourglass: The communication is sending.

Green tick: The communication has been sent.

"Read" (for email/SMS):  The communication has been received (read) by our third-party email/SMS provider who will send it to the recipient.

Green tick with white eye (email):The communication has been received and opened by the recipient.

Red cross: The communication has failed.

It is also important to note that the SMS Status column provides further insight into the status of SMS communications.

If the communication failed to deliver from the SMS provider to client, ezyVet receives an update from the provider informing us that the communication failed to reach the client. In turn, this will populate an additional "Failed" status on the communication below the SMS Status.

if you are wanting to confirm if the client has received their SMS, view the Communications table by SMS method only as this shows both the ezyVet ->provider status ("Status")  and provider -> client status ("SMS Status").