All emails sent from ezyVet will be sent from on behalf of a reply email address.

This reply email address can be set to one of the following:

1 - the business's name and the business's email address

2 - a user's own name and a custom email address for that user

(this custom email address can be the same as the business's, or different)

To set the business's name and email address you can edit your own business's contact page. Your business's contact page can be found under Admin > Settings > System > Details > Business

The email address and name set here will reflect the email address and name when sending email communications from the business email address.

e.g. for this site emails will arrive to a client's inbox from Demo Vet Practice ( <>

When replying to this email, the reply will go to

(If no email address is set on the business's contact page, replies will go back to and be lost into the abyss)

Emails sent can also be from a user's own name and email address.

To change the user's sending email address and name you can open the user's settings in Admin > Users/Resources > Users

Emails sent from this user would appear from Jane Smith, DVM ( <>

Replying to this email would reply to Jane Smith, DVM (

To choose whether to send emails from the user's name and email, or the business's name and email can be set on each user's advanced tab.

When sending an email, the assigned staff member can be set to choose the reply email address and the name the recipient sees when they receive the email.

You can also send automated communication tasks based on a certain user to either send it from their name/email, or the business name/email.