Vet Rocket engineers innovative digital imaging products and services for the veterinary market, including DR systems, PACS software, and cloud-based solutions.
Vet Rocket integrates with ezyVet to provide a cloud-based PACS (Picture Archive Communications Systems) for storage and distribution of DICOM studies, including DX/CR/US/CT/MR/IO.

Part 1: Configuring the Integration with Vet Rocket

Part 2: Setting up diagnostics

Contacting Vet Rocket:

Email: support@vetrocket.com
Call support line: (800) 757-0266 ext 3 for any inquiries

Part 1: Configuring the Integration with Vet Rocket

Before getting started it’s important to note that each modality will need:

1. It's own integration configured in ezyVet 

2. It's own supplier contact record

1. In your ezyVet account, go to the ‘Admin’ tab and select ‘Integration’ in the drop-down menu.

2. Select ‘Integrations’ and you will be directed to a ‘New Integration Setting’ screen.

3. Enter Vet Rocket in the integration search field.

4. Supplier – Create a new supplier by double clicking on this field.

Take note: A new supplier will need to be created for each modality (e.g. Vet Rocket CT Scan, Vet Rocket DX, Vet Rocket CR, etc.).

5. Authentication - Authentication information will need to be provided by Vet Rocket. If you are unsure of your authentication details you can contact them on the details listed above.

6. Enter your PACS Server AE.

7. Click Save.

8. The Modality fields will appear after you have saved the integration. Set your modality for this supplier.

9. The tab 'Integration Tools' will appear after saving. Select ‘Validate Account’ to confirm the authentication details you have entered are correct.

You have now completed the Vet Rocket integration configuration.

Part 2: Setting up Diagnostics

Once you have completed the Vet Rocket integration configuration, you will need to set up your diagnostics. This allows ezyVet to communicate with Vet Rocket by sending a diagnostic request, and allows you to receive the results on the appropriate clinical record.

1. Navigate to the ‘Admin’ tab and select ‘Clinical’ from the drop-down menu.

2. Click ‘Diagnostics’ from the top left list.

From here, you can either link existing diagnostics to Vet Rocket, or create a new diagnostic. 

Create a new diagnostic:

The open tab under Diagnostics will default to a new diagnostic page. 

1. Enter a diagnostic code.

2. Enter a name for the diagnostic.

3. Select the supplier to link the diagnostic to - this will need to be the appropriate Vet Rocket supplier.

4. Select a diagnostic form (if applicable).

5. Under Billing Triggers, you can link a product so that when the diagnostic is requested, the product is invoiced automatically. 

Search for the appropriate product, or if the product does not yet exist you can double click the empty field to create one.

6. Click ‘Save’.

Link an existing diagnostic:

1. Use the diagnostic menu on the left to find your existing diagnostic. Click on the diagnostic to open.

2. Add the appropriate Vet Rocket supplier under the Supplier field.

3. Make sure the Billing Trigger is appropriately linked to the correct product. This will ensure the product is invoiced automatically when the diagnostic has been requested.

4. Click ‘Save’.