1. Open the 'Snipping Tool' by searching in the Windows Toolbar.

2. Opening this program then brings up a small window allowing you to create a new snippet. To create a new screenshot, click the ‘New’ button.

3. Clicking on the ‘New’ button will then turn your cursor into the corner for taking a screenshot and grey out the whole screen. You will then need to start by clicking in one corner of the screen and dragging the cursor down to the far side before releasing to take the screenshot.

4. After this screenshot has been taken, you will then get a preview of your screenshot. From here, you can save the image, copy and paste into somewhere, or even draw on the image using your mouse to point out key information.

To save the image, click the floppy disc icon pointed out in the screenshot below.

The screenshot should automatically be saved to your clipboard upon taking the screenshot, so you should be able to paste this wherever you need. If the image has not been copied, click 'Edit' > 'Copy'.

To draw on the image to point out any key information, use the pen or highlighter icon.