Formerly known as Methsof, Modeus is an ezyVet API Partner. The Modeus integration is a Read-only integration, which means they can read the data in ezyVet but cannot alter information in ezyVet.


Step 1: Activate the Integration

First, you will need to activate the Integration settings for the partner.

1. Navigate to the ADMIN tab.

2. Select Integration from the sidebar drop-down.

3. Select Integrations from the sidebar menu.

4. Under the empty Integration drop-down, select API Partner. This will then load the Integration Settings section below.

5. Configure the Integration Settings:
i. Under the empty Partner drop-down, select 'Modeus (Vet S8)'.
ii. The Application Name will auto-fill.

6. Click SAVE.

Step 2: Configure API Integration Scopes

Saving the new API Integration in Step 1 will lock in all details, and produce 2 more sections - Credentials and Scopes.
Next, you will need to configure the Scopes, which are essentially the API Partner's permissions. Each partner has a pre-defined list of permissions based on their agreement with ezyVet. You have full control over which permissions to grant to the partner.

You can either click Select All, which will give the partner all scopes in the pre-defined list, or you can individually select all the permissions you want to grant the partner. Once the scopes have been added, click SAVE.

Step 3: Provide Modeus with Access Credentials

The Modeus integration has now been activated, and you will need to provide Modeus with the credentials so they can access your clinic's data via the API. These are called the Access Credentials. These will need to be provided to them via email.

1. Click Download Credentials - this will download a txt file to your PC.

2. You will need to send this txt file to Modeus support (, along with the following information:

  • Practice Name
  • Practice Email (Registration reports will be sent to this email address)   
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip 

You have now successfully set up the ezyVet API Integration for Modeus.