With correctly configured inventory thresholds on products, inventory ordering is made easy. 

Please refer to FD - Ordering - Inventory Thresholds to see how to configure product inventory threshold levels.

1. Under Financial → Inventory Orders, select "ADD REQUIRED INVENTORY".

2. From here you can filter locations/wholesalers/product groups and it will calculate what you need based on the minimum levels and re-order amounts.

The Preferred Supplier has 3 options:
1. Configured Supplier - the preferred supplier chosen on the products Ordering tab.
2. Cheapest List Price
3. Cheapest Price

The ‘Primary Product Group’ allows you to select the stock in a particular product group. If you want to run the stock order on all of your stock click the green “Add to Order” button without selecting a product group. The next screen will say “Are you sure”, click “Yes”.

3. The products that have now appeared are the products that are under the minimum required stock levels.

4. The column “Quantity” populates automatically with the minimum re-order quantity that you specified on admin for that particular product.

5. The other columns help you to identity what the stock turn per month is, stock available & stock on order.

6. If you do not want to order any of the items that came up, simply click the red minus icon next to the line.

7. Now choose your shipping location & press save.

8. Check you are happy with the products and quantities on order and then click “Approve”. Your screen will look like the below, notice the “Purchase Order” tab is now available.

9. Click on the ‘Purchase Orders” tab - these are the purchase orders generated from this inventory order which are not yet approved. To approve these orders simply double click the individual purchase orders Click "APPROVE". 

Note - These purchase orders will also be under Financial → Purchase Orders → U/A tab.