The support team use a external booking software called Calendly.

Please follow this link to enter our online booking site - 

Calendly is linked to the Support team's calendars so when a booking is made, it will elect a support member that is available at that time and date of your choosing in a round-robin style. 

Clients have the choice of booking a 15 Minute Q&A or a 30 Minute Webinar currently.

The time zone is located at the top right hand side. - please ensure you are in the correct time zone for your clinic, and choose the correct time.

As we are a 24/7 global company, we have times avaliable around the clock, across a 24 hour period so please ensure you have confirmed the time for AM vs PM when booking a slot.

All days that are highlighted blue have availability for private bookings → select one to see a list of times available.  

Once an event has been scheduled, an email will be sent to both the assigned support member, and the person who created the event (it will be sent to the email that was given).

Please keep a copy of your confirmation booking until after the webinar has occurred :)