Large animal, equine, and even mixed veterinary practices will often require vets to visit clients and complete consults in the field, often in remote locations, often without an internet connection.
During these visits, vets can often see multiple clients, and treat multiple patients at the same time.
ezyVet Go is an offline experience, made specifically for users in these situations.
With ezyVet Go, users will be able to access patient history, complete consults and procedures for multiple patients simultaneously, all offline. Meanwhile every charge and bill will be captured, ensuring that each visit is as profitable as possible.
Once you get back to internet coverage, you can sync all the data back into your normal ezyVet account, manually or automatically, the choice is yours!

  1. Navigating the calendar
  2. Booking a new appointment
  3. Reviewing an appointment
  4. Adding multiple patients to an appointment
  5. Editing a consult
  6. Select favourite Medications / Vaccinations / Products
  7. Finalizing the consult
  8. Checking and finalizing incomplete appointments
  9. Change settings

Navigating the calendar

When the app has an internet connection, any appointments for a resource selected will sync to the app and appear on the calendar.

Booking a new appointment

1. On the main calendar screen, click the the 'new appointment' icon at the bottom right of the screen   (see the image under 'Navigating the Calendar' for a full view).

2. This will bring up a panel where you can click into each field to fill out the correct information. (note, on an iPad, this will appear alongside the calendar. On an iPhone this panel will take up the entire screen).
The default appointment will bring up what was originally set up as the default, however this can be edited.

3. Once all the information has been entered, click ADD APPOINTMENT and the bottom right-hand side of the panel.

AnchorReviewing an appointment

1. On the calendar screen, click on the appointment you are visiting. (If an appointment needs to be made for a visit, follow the steps under 'Booking a new appointment' first.)

2. This will open an appointment summary where you can review contact and patient details. From this screen, you can also use the iPhone's inbuilt maps function to give you directions to where the patient is located.

3. This screen will also give you the option to review the patient's consult, or to start the appointment / consult.

AnchorAdding multiple patients to an appointment

1. To add another patient to the appointment, click ADD PATIENT at the bottom of the screen. Having multiple patients under the one appointment allows you to make notes and bill to more than 1 patient at the same time - this will save you a lot of time when visitng a group of patients.

2. The 'Add Patient' screen allows you to search based on three categories:
   a. This Location - this will pull other patients that share the address / location of the original patient.
   b. Nearby - use the slider to adjust the range (in km) and see any patients within this distance of the appointment location.
   c. Search - Finally, you can just do a basic search of either a patient, owner, or microchip.
         Tip: To search for a patient, use the '@' symbol before the name to prioritise patient names in the list. Without this, the results will just be in alphabetical order including patients and owner names.

3. Click ADD 'x' PATIENT(S).

AnchorEditing a consult 

1. Open the appointment and click START. Once you hit the 'Start' button, a timer will appear at the top right hand side of you screen. This will record the length of your appointment right up until you finalize the consult. Note the format is 00:00 - Hours:Minutes)

2. A screen showing a card for each patient's consult will appear. Select the patient (or if you have multiple you can select multiple) - you will notice the patient's icon will be green when selected.

3. With a patient selected, you will notice a blue panel appear with several options. Click 'Exam' to add any notes such as presenting problems, history, physical exam, assessment, and plan. You can also take photos (which are only stored within the app) and take audio recordings!
Add any procedures, medications, vaccinations etc. 'Other' allows you to bill any other products.

4. To view a summary of what has been done so far, click on the  icon to see the summary.

Please note, screen layout will differ slightly between iPad and iPhone. Functionality will still be the same between the two.

AnchorSelect favourite Medications / Vaccinations / Products

To make billing faster and easier out in the field, there is the ability to 'star' certain products, including medications and vaccinations. Starring a product means the next time you go to bill anything for another patient, those starred products will appear at the top of the list. This allows you to star the most frequently billed products when out in the field.


AnchorFinalizing the consult

1. Once the consult has been completed, click FINISH CONSULT at the bottom of the consult.

2. Add any final appointment Notes and get the contact to sign if you wish.

3. The next screen will show an appointment review. The status of the appointment will default to Complete, however this can be changed if for some reason the appointment is not finished.

4. Once you are ready to finalize the consult and appointment, click FINISH & SYNC. If in range of an internet connection, the details will sync. If not in range of an internet connection, it will sync later when in range.

AnchorChecking and finalizing incomplete appointments

1. To review any unfinalized appointments, click the menu icon (three bars at the top left-hand side).

2. Select 'Incomplete Appts ( x )'

3. This screen will show you all incomplete appointments, and will allow you to COMPLETE or REVIEW the appointment.

AnchorChange settings

1. To adjust settings, click the menu icon (three bars at the top left-hand side).

2. Select 'Settings'.

3. You will have two headings to choose from - User Settings and App Settings.
   a. Under User Settings, you can edit the user resource, the location (coming soon) and the default appointment type.
   b. Under App Settings, you can select or unselect any resources you wish to sync with your ezyVet Go Account.