With a diagnostic request or result, you can also request a diagnostic interpretation from the PACS provider with your results and have the diagnostic interpretations associated with its own billing trigger.  Diagnostic interpretations can be used without an integration, however the request will not be sent anywhere and would only be for internal workflow.

*At this point, Diagnostic Interpretations only works with a Vet Rocket integration, however it is intended to be used with other integrations in the future.*


Vet Rocket integration settings with diagnostic interpretations
Create diagnostic interpretation templates
Create diagnostic interpretation codes
Link diagnostic interpretation codes to diagnostics
Setup complete - start using diagnostic interpretation requests!
Using centralization?


Diagnostic Interpretations & Vet Rocket:

On the Vet Rocket integrations page (under ADMIN > Integration > Integrations), there is a section for Interpretation Settings.

  • Allow RIS Interpretation: allows you to create and send interpretation requests.

  • Auto Create Interpretation Request: When submitting a diagnostic request, you will automatically be prompted to create an interpretation request. If you do not want to create an interpretation request along with a particular diagnostic request, you can un-tick the interpretations checkbox when creating the diagnostic request.

  • Auto Submit Interpretation Request: When this is set to YES, the user does not need to manually submit the request again in RocketPACS. When submitting a diagnostic request, if this setting is turned on then the request will not be editable from the receiving end (of the request i.e. Vet Rocket).

  • Bypass Interpretation Popup: If a diagnostic is by default associated with an interpretation code, you can bypass the popup and send the request automatically with the associated template (and auto-populated fields).

Creating Diagnostic Interpretation Templates:

1. Go to Admin → Templates → Clinical templates

2. Create a template (including patient histories, variables, short hand etc) and make sure you have 'For Interpretation Content' ticked to make the template available when creating a diagnostic interpretation.

3. Click SAVE.

4. If you would like to use ShortHand text in diagnostic interpretation requests, you will need to enable this under the SH settings.

Go to Admin → Templates → Shorthand Text → Select the Shorthand (or create a new one) and select 'Diagnostic interpretation Requests' under clinical fields.

Creating Diagnostic Interpretations:

1. Under Admin → Clinical, there is a new tab called diagnostic interpretations

2. Create a new code, give it a name, link the supplier (Vet Rocket), link a default template (if applicable), a default vet (if applicable) and link the billing trigger product.

3. Make sure you SAVE.

Link diagnostic interpretation codes to diagnostics

1.  Go to Admin → Clinical → Diagnostics

2. There is a new field that allows you to link your diagnostics with interpretation codes that you have set up. This means that when you request this diagnostic and you also request an interpretation, all fields can be auto-populated and billing trigger included.

How to create a diagnostic interpretation request

With the diagnostic request:

1. Next to each diagnostic request (and billing trigger product), you have the option to send a diagnostic interpretation request using the check box under 'Interp.'. (Depending on your Vet Rocket settings, these interpretation check boxes may be checked by default.) Make sure this is checked, and click Add.

2. Once you click ADD, you will get the interpretations pop-up. (However, this interpretations pop-up will not appear if you have the 'Bypass Interpretation Popup' integration setting on and the diagnostic you are requesting is linked to a diagnostic interpretation code with all appropriate information.)

3. If the diagnostic you have requested is linked to an Interpretation Code with all defaults set, these fields will auto-populate. When all the fields are complete, you can edit the history or click ADD.

On a diagnostic result:

1. Double click on the diagnostic results


3. You will then get another pop-up to enter your request. Pull in a template, code, or write up your own request.

4. Hit ADD - this will send to Vet Rocket for an interpretation.

Whether a diagnostic interpretation was requested from a result or diagnostic request, you will receive the interpretation results as a diagnostic result and it will attach to the patient record as long as it was requested through the correct process. 
Diagnostic Interpretation Requests will not disappear once the results have returned. 

Using Centralization?

Under the centralized Inheritance settings (on child site) there is a diagnostic tab. This tab includes a setting to sync default diagnostic interpretation codes.