Sound are providers of veterinary imaging solutions.

The following is a list of machines/modalities the integration supports:

  • DR - Digital Radiography (SmartDR, cSeries DR/Cannon DR)
  • CR - Computed Radiography (AGFA, FUJI)
  • US - Ultrasound (GE)
  • CT - DICOM 3.0 compliant
  • MR - DICOM 3.0 compliant
  • OT - DICOM 3.0 compliant

Any DICOM 3.0 compliant modality will function with this integration.


1. Configuration
2. Setting Up Diagnostics
3. Creating a Request
4. Validation Errors
5. Contacting Sound support

Please note, JPEG previews cannot be displayed within the clinical record, and are only visible in Sound's HTML 5 PACS viewer (on a browser). However, this can be accessed through a link in the clinical record.


The configuration for the Sound integration (for the most part) follows the Standard PACS Integration (SPI).

1. The first step is to note that for every SEPARATE LOCATION, you need a different API partner setup. This way, ezyVet will know what machine the request must be sent to. This can be started by going to integration, choosing Sound as the API partner like below:

2. When you hit save, it should populate with a list of scopes like below:

Please select all of the scopes and hit save again.

3. Click the download credentials button shown here:

Please note, once this is done, DO NOT put in the Client ID or secret just yet. This needs to be validated by Sound first, so you would send an e-mail with the txt document as an attachment to techsupport@soundvet.com.

4. Once they have validated the credentials, you can then input this information within the appropriate sections of the API integration:

5. The next step is to create the modalities required for the clinic. Please note that you need a separate modality integration and supplier which is associated back to the API connection.

For example, there are 7 modalities to choose from, like below:

So, if a clinic needed Radiology and Ultrasound, you would need to create a separate integration for the modality and supplier for that modality.

To create this integration, you would need to go back to integration, and choose like the below:

Sound for Multi-Sites

Please note that for multi-sites, it is likely they have separate sound machines that are associated with each site. For this, you will need to create a SEPARATE API connection and modality connection for each SITE.

For example, we have a site that has a North and a South location, with a different Sound machine located. This means that, you will need to create 2 API connection, one for North and one for South. In addition, you will also have to create separate modalities for each location so that the requests and results are in the correct site.

A visual example of this is here:

Within ezyVet:

Setting Up Diagnostics

To send a request to any modality, you will first require the set up of:

1. Products
2. Diagnostics (not integrated diagnostics) mapped to the product and correct supplier (partner supplier).

Diagnostics are created under ADMIN > Clinical > Diagnostics.

Creating A Request (to Send to a Modality)

1. Under a patient's clinical record, go to the section 'Diagnostics and Treatments' (white button near the top).

2. Click the + icon next to 'Diagnostic Request' to create a new request. This will bring up a new pop-up.

3. Enter the Vet information, supplier (if you have different modalities you will have different suppliers so ensure you are selecting the appropriate supplier), and diagnostic request.

4. Enter any diagnostic request specifics or history, and click ADD.

5. This will send the request to your worklist on the modality.

6. From there, you can carry out the study. Once the study is complete the result will return to the patient's record in ezyVet.
Results will come through from Sound almost immediately, a memo will be sent, and a link will appear on the result for you to click and view the image.

Validation Errors

  • For a successful request made to your SOUND modality, the date of birth is required to be set on the patient record. If the DOB has not been set, you may receive a 'Bad Request' error.

  • If you receive an Internal Server Error / Misc Internal Server Errors, please contact Sound's support team for assistance.

  • The integration only supports diagnostic requests created from the diagnostic request section of the ezyVet clinical record. This means:
    • Requests cannot be made by adding the diagnostic product to an invoice and having the request populate back into the request section.
    • Requests cannot be made from SmartFlow.
    • The following error message will appear if a Sound imaging request is made from the invoice or from SmartFlow:


Diagnostic requests are not showing up on the Sound machine:

  • Animal has no weight, date of birth or breed. These are mandatory fields for Sound and will need to be added. Note, the system will not give you an error to specify this, so it pays to double check beforehand.
  • Check that the diagnostic request is one that is from the actual integration, rather than just a diagnostic that has been made by the user
  • If no diagnostics is going to the sound machine at all regardless of patient, it may be a connection issue similar to IDEXX. For this, we will need to contact Sound as they will need to access the machine and get that sorted as our requests go direct to the machine itself, and no connection in between.
  • Sometimes, you will need to check with Sound, if the request is going across to their system, but is ending up on a duplicate server. Contact Sound about this and reference the AE title and ask if that is correct with ezyVet and the client’s site.

Diagnostic requests are ending up in the wrong Sound machine, or wrong type of test:

  • This has to do with the integration itself. Please check that each modality is its own integration and is linked with its own unique supplier and check that these modalities are linked to the right API partner setup. This is a common issue for multi-site.

Diagnostic Results are not showing preview of Images:

  • This is intended. Sound results when they come back to ezyVet will come with a link, but not with preview of individual images like VetRocket.
  • Any other diagnostic Result issue should be directed to sound first, because we take no part in that. EzyVet will only take in whatever Sound sends, so you would need to start there.

Contacting Sound:

Phone: 1.800.819.5538 Domestic
Phone: 1.800.268.5354 International
E-mail: techsupport@soundvet.com
Website: www.soundvet.com

Support Hours:
Monday - Friday 5am – 5:30pm PST
Emergency Support is 24/7