Sharing Vet Rocket modalities between hospitals / clinics is now easier with the advanced Vet Rocket configuration.

Any of the following workflows can be resolved with the Advanced Config setting:

  • Modalities being shared between multiple ezyVet sites or departments
  • Sites/Departments sharing the same PACS Server but using a different MWL server
  • Sites/Departments sharing the same RIS service

Enabling the Advanced Config Setting

The Advanced Config setting is found on the Vet Rocket integrations page under the section 'Config Type'.


2. Integration

3. Integrations

4. Vet Rocket

Turning this setting on will change the layout of the page and give you more fields for credentials.

Enabling the Advanced Config setting splits PACS, MWL (Modality Work List) and RIS (Radiology Interpretations) into three separate sections each requiring their own set of credentials provided by Vet Rocket. This allows clinics to share modalities and work lists, but it means that results are only sent to the site that requested the diagnostic.

For advice on getting this configured, it is best to contact Vet Rocket by emailing support@vetrocket.com, or by calling their supportline: (800) 757-0266 ext 3 - they will need to provide you with credentials for each of the sections.