The Records Dashboard is a useful tool for adjusting records in bulk and can be used to generate and send mass communications.

Please note, ezyVet can send a maximum of 3 communications per minute. This means that all general vet communications such as client emails and reminders will be placed at the back of the queue and will only send once all of your mass communications have sent.

If you are wanting to send more than 5000 communications we would suggest using an external provider. Currently, we don't have any particular recommendations, just whichever suits your clinic's needs. From there, please get in touch with our support team and we can assist you with generating a CSV file from ezyVet site of your clients' contact information that you can use as an upload to this external provider.

To generate a mass communication through ezyVet:

1. Navigate to DASHBOARD → Records.

2. Record type = Contact

3.Use the filters under All, Any, or Exclude to narrow down your list.
- To create a general list of active clients we would recommend using the following filters under the 'All' section:
- Has alive animal
- Number of invoices in the last _ years is >0
- Has contact method type _

4. Select those you wish to send a communication to, or under Perform Action, choose All.

5. For the Action, select Generate Communication.

6. A pop-up will appear where you can decide how and what to send.

a. This is marketing - If this is ticked, clients that have opted out of electronic marketing will not receive this.

b. Method - choose what communication method you would like to send

c. Template - choose from the drop-down. If your method is set to Email, you will get all the email templates to choose from.

d. Status - Setting the status to pending will generate the communications and will sit in the communications dashboard to action. We would recommend creating pending communications for any more than 1000 communications. This way, you can select 500 communications to send at a time and this will allow regular clinic communications such as reminders to be sent out in a timely manner, rather than being held up at the back of the communication queue. Setting the status to sending will send the communications once generated. Done will simply say the communication has been done.

e. Subscription Group - Select the subscription group for your communication. If the contacts have a contact method subscribed to the group, a communication will be generated however if the contact does not have a contact method subscribed to the group, a communication will not be generated. This will be shown in the next pop-up if there are no communication methods available for your selection of communication.

f. Contacts to send to - This will only appear if the record type selected at the start was for Animal. Under Animal, you have the choice to send to owners, referring vets, insurance suppliers, and other interested contacts.

Note: Communications will only be sent during your communication hours. You can view your communication hours by going to ADMIN - Settings - Hours/Tasks

7. Click Confirm What To Send.

8. Another pop-up will show you what you are sending and to whom. In this screen, you can deselect contact methods if you do not wish to send to a particular number/email. A contact may have two emails and you only wish to send to one.

9. (Optional) - You can also upload attachments/files to send along with your communication.

10. Click Generate Communication - the pop-up should go away and you should eventually get a green popup on the right-hand corner of the screen to tell you the communications were generated successfully.

11. If you created pending communications, you can go to the communication dashboard and view/send when ready.